About ZenCricket

Finding Your Zen has been an absolute labor of love for me.  I’m so thankful you have stopped by to take a look around.

I had been introduced to Eastern Philosophy roughly 20 years ago and it fascinated me at how easy it was to follow and the messages resonated within.  Have been hooked since.

I utilize the teachings of Buddha in my everyday life although I would not consider myself a Buddhist.

I have worn many hats in my lifetime.  Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother to name a few domestic ones.  I expanded into Drafter, Dreamer, and Entrapenure later in life.

My heart is huge however, I am quite reserved.  I feel more than the average human feels.  It, as all things extraordinary, can be a curse at times.

Rarely do I do anything half-way.  An idealism instilled within by my Father.